Join us for this unprecedented online event as together we co-create exciting new opportunities for brands and regenerative farmers alike while simultaneously putting regular-people—us, the consumers—back in the driver’s seat in being able to purchase products that are aligned with our values.


If you can't make it to a live event... STREAM IT


The global online broadcast will include all of the amazing content from the VIP event in Boulder, including the videos, speakers and performances. And, we will also broadcast live check-ins with the hosts of our remote Hub events so they can share highlights with the rest of the world. We’ve not come across another event as ground-breaking as this. You don’t want to miss it…



Savory Institute staff have traveled the globe this year with an award-winning documentary crew exploring how regenerative producers of meat, dairy, leather and wool have overcome these barriers. Their inspiring stories will challenge the assumptions of the status quo. They are designed to open a dialogue among all those who are interested in changing their purchasing habits to foster a better world. This event will mark the debut of 4 brand-new stimulating short films that dive into each of these issues to highlight current stories of success and new opportunities.



We want to make the cost affordable for for everyone.

For just $9.99 you can have access to watch the event live, and for 3 additional days.  

Or you can purchase the on-demand package which, for only $19.99 will give you access to this material indefinitely.

Hub Events

The Consumer Revolution

Worldwide Event is Happening Nov 4, 2016!


Check out our amazing line up of world class speakers!

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