If you haven’t been to one of our annual conferences, we bring together amazing speakers, incredible audience members, out-of-this-world meals, and host it all in a top-quality venue. Our primary goal is to cultivate a global convening of people from every walk-of-life, and across disciplines, to learn and collaborate on solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Boulder Event


This VIP event is for you if you want to engage with some of the greatest thinkers of our time, be present for the debut of our new innovative media, and for the launch of a unique Land to Market verification program. You don’t want to miss this event! Additionally each attendee will receive the following package with their ticket purchase:


VIP Package

  • Access to our 5 online Holistic Management courses (a $459 value)
  • 1 year access to perks of being a Savory Network Champion (a $139 value)
  • Free signed copy of new Holistic Management textbook
  • VIP Gift Bag – featuring special items from the Savory Institute and Hub Network
  • Free Grazing Revolution e-book by Allan Savory
  • All inclusive On-the-Land Experience with Allan Savory on Oct 29th
  • World-class menu from French-trained culinary chefs who specialize in farm-to-table cuisine
  • First to see world-premiere of brand new episodes in new Holistic Management series
  • Prestige of being a part of the event that will be broadcast globally
  • Ongoing online pass to all the recorded material from the conference
  • Incredible networking opportunity among an audience of global game-changers
  • Unrestricted access to Allan Savory and others leaders in the Holistic Management movement

At this incredible event, we will debut the four videos we’ve spent the last year producing. These comprise the initial episodes of a larger work to come that tells the regenerative supply network story. The look and feel of these episodes will be similar to an Anthony Bourdain reality show, telling the stories of amazing but unknown heroes from around the globe. The stories are incredibly rich and focus on solutions.

Each video will be followed by an individual speaker or a small panel of speakers addressing the issues and insights revealed in the video. The entire day will be recorded and then quickly packaged for broadcast by the Savory Network Hubs the following week or online through this site. See Agenda below…

Savory Institute Audience


This amazing venue, e-Town Hall, was once a stunning a church which was built in 1918, and then was recently remodeled into a first-class theater-sized recording studio. Many of the world’s top musicians and performers have played here before a live-audience and simultaneously broadcast to television, radio, and online. The setting is the perfect mix of beautiful aesthetics and cutting-edge technology for facilitating an event of this magnitude.

The venue is also much smaller than our previous conference locations. So the number of participants will be limited to 200 people, but this also makes speakers more accessible and we believe will increase the opportunities for personal connections with the rest of the audience, which typically includes: investors, ranchers, authors, researchers, educated-consumers, leaders of environmental organizations, entrepreneurs and renowned game-changers.


Consumer Revolution ConferenceOne of the challenges we face with large venues is that they don’t always have a good sustainability plan in place. That couldn’t be farther from the truth with e-Town. For starters, the whole building is recycled. Materials from the building’s former life as a church were worked into it’s new life as a recording studio and theatre. The building also generates its own solar power and has extremely efficient heating and cooling, utilizing both passive and high-tech solutions. Additionally, this venue has played a strong role in being part of the overall invigoration the region by bringing top-billing musicians and performers from around around the globe. They have done all that without compromising their standards on being as ecologically minded as possible in all of their decisions.


This VIP Event package includes a day-trip the following day after the conference, on October 29th, to the nearby West Bijou Ranch in Strasburg, Colorado. This holistically managed ranch is about an hour from Boulder and has been raising bison for the last few years. Come see these primal beauties in all their glory. Sharing this experience on the land with a group of like-minded innovators magnifies the learning. It will be a special event that you absolutely do not want to miss!

Transportation and lunch will be provided.

West Bijou Ranch 1


Here are some of the nearby hotels that we recommend:

Be sure to also check AirBnb and VRBO for nearby rentals. There are many within walking distance.

If you want improved quality-of-life for all people, and a hopeful future for humanity – do we ever have the event for you!

See the agenda below for this unparalleled event. At this special gathering of global game-changers you will have unfettered access to Allan Savory, one of the greatest thinkers of our time. Allan Savory and Jody Butterfield have reworked the entire Holistic Management textbook for what they have said will be the last edition of the book that they release, as Allan moves on to other writings and ventures. Each attendee will receive a signed copy of that book before it is even scheduled to hit bookstores.  You will also see the world-premiere of 4 pilot episodes of a brand new series, featuring footage from Savory Network Hubs and Holistic Management practitioners, from all over the world. And we will be unveiling our new “Land to Market” program and discussing its rollout for 2017.

We invite you to be with us to celebrate first-hand the growth and successes that the Savory Institute and our Hub Network have come to experience. And to look forward with us towards a horizon of even greater change – towards the realization of a hopeful future for mankind.

Boulder VIP Event Agenda

9:00 AM Welcome Message
9:20 AM Meat Episode World-Premiere
Will Harris, Taylor Collins, Mike Aquino
9:40 AM Allan Savory Uncensored
9:50 AM Regnerative Value Network Meat Panel
10:15 AM BREAK (Coffee and Snacks)
10:35 AM Dairy Episode World-Premiere
10:55 AM Allan Savory Uncensored
11:05 AM Regnerative Value Network Dairy Panel
Phyllis Van Amburgh, Tim Joseph, Christie Zimmerman
11:30 AM Presentation from the filmmakers at i.e. Media
Brad Riley, Jessie Marek, Peter Lively
11:45 AM Farm and Smoke
11:50 AM LUNCH
12:50 PM Wool Episode World-Premiere
1:10 PM Allan Savory Uncensored
1:20 PM Regnerative Value Network Wool Panel
Bill Parker, Kristin Ford, Anne Gillespie
1:45 PM Leather Episode World-Premiere
2:05 PM Allan Savory Uncensored
2:15 PM Regnerative Value Network Leather Panel
Spencer Smith, Frank Zambrelli, Jeff Wallin
2:40 PM Regenerative Economy Panel
John Fullerton, Hunter Lovins, Woody Tasch, Grant McCargo
3:10 PM Unveiling of Land to Market Program
3:30 PM BREAK (Coffee and Snacks)
4:00 PM Dale Lasater Memorial Tribute
4:10 PM Connecting Soils to Families – Nikki Silvestri
4:40 PM What organizations can learn from the natural ecosystem – Tre’ Cates
5:10 PM Introduce Allan Savory – Jody Butterfield
5:20 PM Why we can reach the moon, but not solve Earth’s mounting problems – Allan Savory
5:40 PM Closing Message
5:50 PM Music & Libations Social


Check out our AMAZING line up of world class speakers!


Courtesy of Farm & Smoke Caterers



A special thanks to these amazing brands for donating food to the event

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