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In a world that seems to be teetering on the brink of disaster, hope remains strong – and rightly so. Around the globe, there is a burgeoning resistance comprised of farmers and ranchers who are regenerating their soils, watersheds, wildlife habitat and human communities by practicing Holistic Management. This movement is global, it’s culturally diverse, and it works!

However, the story does not end there. Consumers need better access to the products grown by these people. Farmers and ranchers likewise need more opportunities to sell their products in a way that recognizes their dedication to regenerating the environments we all depend upon. And bold brands, that are striving to make real change in the marketplace, need access to the raw materials that will enable them to deliver environmentally-enhancing products everyone can feel proud of. The Savory Institute is committed to breaking through the barriers that have stood in the way. We have a bold new format for our conference this year. During this event, we will officially roll out a Land to Market verification program.

We have incredibly innovative opportunities for you engage with this Consumer Revolution. With your insight and dialogue you can help us craft a better future for all!

We invite you explore this site to learn about the exciting new options to engage with this movement!



Savory Institute staff have traveled the globe this year with an award-winning documentary crew exploring how regenerative producers of meat, dairy, leather and wool have overcome barriers. Their inspiring stories will challenge the assumptions of the status quo. These events, featured on this site, will mark the debut of 4 brand-new stimulating short films that dive into each of these issues to highlight current stories of success and new opportunities. These episodes are designed to open a dialogue among all those who are interested in changing their purchasing habits to foster a better world.



To encourage you to start talking now about the issues that this conference will address, we’re launching a brand new social media campaign. By following the hashtag #ConsumerRevolution, you’ll be able to see special sneak-peek trailers of the video episodes we’ve produced (plus some behind-the-scenes footage), blog posts written by inspirational innovators from around the world, and articles highlighting the challenges and opportunities shared by those already engaged in the regenerative supply network. Please join us in this important conversation and share it with your friends—everyone is welcome!

Use the hashtag #ConsumerRevolution to join the discussion


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